To be the Leading Provider for Human Capital Training and Development through Innovative and Inspirational Learning Methods


Providing Solutions to Clients, by way of sharing, learning and mentoring to sustain their competitive business advantage

To proactively seek out our Clients needs in the areas of training and human capital development

To understand and respond to the Clients needs through a series of customized, tested and proven training solutions

To grow with the Clients, through sharing, learning and mentoring to sustain their competitive business

Our Staff

Our team members come from diverse business backgrounds comprising of different nationalities

All of us at YATAKA are passionately committed to delivering VALUE FOR OUR CLIENTS with fluency in dual languages (Arabic and English) Our team member brings a unique portfolio of client and industry experience. These include: financial services, oil and gas, chemicals, manufacturing, IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, education, retail, hospitality and more ..


In-house training is provided at Clients preferred premises, upon request

All our training sessions, workshops and seminars are developed and customized to provide a dynamic platform for constructive learning experience for the participants.

Extensive usage of both past and present case studies, using actual industry trends, to ensure that Clients are able to apply the gained knowledge and skills effectively in their current working environment.

Training programs are developed to take into account the competency level, usefulness, practicality and relevance to our Clients specific industry.